Metrohealth Medical Center's Covid-19 Response: Updates On Mychart

MetroHealth projects coronavirus peak may be lower than anticipated

COVID-19 has affected the lives of people all over the world. As the virus continues to spread, it’s more important than ever to stay informed about the latest updates and guidelines. MetroHealth Medical Center has taken steps to ensure that patients have easy access to the resources they need to stay informed and safe. In this post, we’ll discuss the updates available on MyChart and how they can help you stay up-to-date on the latest COVID-19 information.

What is MyChart?

MyChart is an online portal for patients to access their medical information, including test results, medications, and appointment schedules. It allows patients to communicate with their healthcare providers and manage their health from the comfort of their own home. MyChart has become an essential tool during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it provides patients with the latest updates and guidelines related to the virus.

Updates Available on MyChart

1. COVID-19 Test Results

If you’ve been tested for COVID-19, you can access your test results on MyChart. This allows you to see if you’ve tested positive or negative for the virus. If you’ve tested positive, you’ll also receive guidance on what to do next, including self-isolation and monitoring your symptoms.

2. Screening Questionnaires

MyChart also provides screening questionnaires to help determine if you may have been exposed to COVID-19. These questionnaires ask about symptoms, travel history, and contact with others who may have been exposed to the virus. Based on your answers, you’ll receive guidance on what to do next, including scheduling a virtual visit or getting tested.

3. Virtual Visits

Virtual visits are available through MyChart, allowing you to connect with your healthcare provider from the comfort of your own home. This is especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic, as it reduces the risk of exposure to the virus. Virtual visits can be used for a variety of reasons, including consultations, follow-up appointments, and medication management.

4. COVID-19 Education

MyChart provides access to educational resources related to COVID-19. This includes information on symptoms, prevention, and what to do if you’ve been exposed to the virus. The resources are updated regularly to ensure that patients have access to the latest information and guidelines.

5. Vaccine Information

As vaccines become available, MyChart will provide information on when and where you can receive the vaccine. You’ll also be able to schedule your vaccine appointment through MyChart.


MyChart is an essential tool for patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides easy access to the latest updates and guidelines related to the virus, as well as virtual visits and educational resources. By using MyChart, patients can stay informed and take control of their health during these uncertain times.

We encourage you to log in to MyChart and explore the updates available. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to your healthcare provider. Together, we can navigate these challenging times and stay healthy and safe.

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